Break Free From Sugar Group Program

The 10-week group program for the woman ready to reshape her relationship with sugar & get her energy back for life!

Say goodbye to your sugar cravings, afternoon energy crashes, and bad eating habits for good!

It all starts September 2020!

You’re in the right place if you struggle with:

* Afternoon energy crashes

* Strong cravings for carbs & sugar

* The rollercoaster of dieting

* Mood swings/PMS

* Getting your family to eat healthy

* Unexplained weight gain

* Constant fatigue & low energy

* Needing caffeine to get you through the day

* Guilt & negative self-talk

* Unhealthy eating habits

Meet Lana…

Lana joined after hearing about the success that a close friend had with the program. She was in a place where she needed to make a change in her life and was starting to worry about her family history of heart disease, cancer, and diabetes… 

 Why should I care about sugar? 

It’s everywhere. In your morning cereal, in your coffee, and even hiding in your salad dressing. Sugar is hiding in over 80% of the foods at the grocery store! Sugar is a drug and it’s been proven to be as addictive as cocaine! Sugar overconsumption leads to diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and more! Sugar also causes serious damage to your digestive system and can lead to low energy, food allergies, and leaky gut syndrome. It’s time to take back in control of your health, once and for all!
Meet Gloria…

Before I joined the Break Free From Sugar Program I was feeling depressed, defeated, and old! I had no energy and was uncomfortable in my own skin. I’ve tried every diet over the last 20 years and I always gained the weight back and felt deprived. When I first considered the program, I was hesitant because of the cost – but I now feel like it was the best money I’ve ever spent. I have my life back!!

Since the program, I feel like a new person!  My moods have stabilized, I have much more energy, my clothes feel loose, my acid reflux is gone, and I feel better than I have in 10 years! The recipes are amazing and I’ve been able to develop new healthy habits that stuck. The best part is that I never felt deprived of anything.

The program was amazing! I am now in control. I choose when I want sugar and what I want it to be. I would recommend this program to anyone – even if you do not think you have an addiction to sugar!

Common results include…

* All day energy

* Clearer thinking & mental focus

* Control over sugar cravings & eating habits

* Feeling sexy and confident in your body

* Weight loss & overall vitality

* Stronger immune system

* Fewer mood swings/PMS

* Motivation & excitement to cook new foods

* Excitement for the future health of your family

* New healthy habits & routines

What do I get in the program?

❤ 10 weeks of delicious whole food meal plans & shopping lists

❤ Weekly LIVE video group coaching calls for face-to-face motivation & accountability

❤ Private Facebook Community & support from the other participants

❤ Weekly workbooks to guide you on your journey

❤ Full support from a Certified Holistic Nutrition Coach

❤ Weekly accountability to keep you on track

Access to the Sugar-Free Recipe Library

❤ Tips, tricks, tools, videos, favorite books, and more!

❤ BONUS group check-in call 1 month after the program ends

Meet Mariko…

Unlike other programs I have tried, the habits I learned from the Break Free from Sugar program have lasted. I still have that incredible healthy feeling I had after I completed the program because I didn’t revert back to my crazy sugar eating habits!”

What will I be eating in the program?

The Break Free From Sugar Group Program is packed with 10 delicious weeks of fresh, real, & whole foods. Your body will be nourished and cared for every step of the way. Think of this as a chance to try something new, discover new flavours, and learn to love food again! Although this program focuses mostly on plant-based foods, the meals will include variations for all types of diets (gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, carnivore…)

What makes this program unique?

Community Support

Build connection through our unique & intimate community.

No Diet Products

No expensive supplements – just real nourishing food.


Accountability and support to keep you focused and strong.

Delicious Recipes

Your family will be drooling over every meal!


Learn to listen to your body and honor what it needs.

Expert Advice

I’ll be by your side every step of the way to support and guide you.
Meet Allyse…

Since joining the program I have more energy and feel so much more in touch with my food and health in general!… I go to bed without needing a snack after dinner and I’m so much more relaxed knowing what I have planned for dinner thanks to my new meal planning habit. As a family, we’ve noticed big changes in our waistlines and our pantry. I now choose when and how to indulge in sugar and treats. I am in control! And the best part is knowing that I am setting a great example for my children as they grow up!

What to expect each week…

The program is designed to build on your knowledge, motivation, and confidence each week. Click on the weeks below to get a better idea of what we will cover in the program. Note: this is a rough guideline of the actaul weekly content which will change and adjust based on what the group needs along the way 🙂 

Week 1

This week is all about preparing for the journey ahead. You’ll be setting your intentions and goald, diving into your current relationship with sugar and getting educated on the dangers of sugar.

Week 2

This week, you’ll discover where sugar hides and how to shop smart/label read. You’ll understand where your sugar addiction and cravings are coming from and start creating your plan.

Week 3

This week, you will focus on a major root cause of sugar addiction – emotional health. You’ll build awarenss of your own patterns around emotional numbing out and other triggers around food/sugar. We’ll also dig into the fear of failure to help you re-define your old belief patterns.

Week 4

This week is all about prepping for your 4-weeks sugar free journey while increasing detox activities and foods. You’ll also clean out your pantry and learn about intermittent fasting.

Week 5

This week you’ll officially go sugar-free! You’ll also dive into creating new habits that will support your future goals and health!  You’ll learn how to build new habits, kick old ones, and how sugar interacts with other foods in your body. 

Week 6

This week is all about stress and the role of HOW you eat on your digestion and health. Discover the role of stress on your relationship with sugar and health. You’ll also create your stress relief action plan going forward.

Week 7

This week we’ll be diving into the importance of sleep. You’ll discover the common sleep problems as well as the best tricks and techniques to help you get better and deeper sleep.

Week 8

This week is all about gut health. You’ll learn why gut health is one of the most important factors in your overall health and how sugar plays a major role in causing gut damage.  Develop a basic understanding of how digestion works, learn how sugar damages your gut & leads to serious health problems. You’ll also learn how to start healing your gut with food & lifestyle changes.

Week 9

You’ve made it 4 weeks sugar-free! This week you’ll decide if you want to continue on or if you’re ready to start building your new relationship with sugar! You’ll test the waters and build a new sense of trust with yourself.

Week 10

Celebration week! You’ve made it through the program and are starting to feel strong, energized, and in control again!  You’ll learn how to continue building your new relationship with sugar and how to set yourself up for ultimate success long into the future!

Meet Lanette…

“I lost weight, I got my drive to exercise back and my taste buds transformed. Now, I can consciously choose when to indulge and not only do I feel amazing, but my family is eating better than ever. This program is awesome!” 

*Limited spots available

100% Money-Back Guarantee!

If you don’t absolutely love the program & feel more energized within 31 days, I’ll happily refund your full registration no questions asked.

I want you to enjoy your journey and feel confident in changing your health and relationship with sugar for good.

It’s that simple.

No strings attached.

Your Investment

 The biggest mistake most people make when trying to kick sugar is believing that struggling to build new habits and re-wire 40+ year old patterns all on their own is the “cheaper” and easier route to go.

They believe that relying on will-power and simply cutting out sugar for a few months is a long term solution to getting off sugar.

What those people aren’t seeing is how much deeper our addiction to sugar lays. Without re-wiring our old patterns, beliefs, and habits we can never build a new relationship with sugar that lasts.

Without the deeper work, kicking sugar will forever be a challenge. And doing this deeper work takes support and guidance.

Ok, so you’re finally ready to get the support you need. Congratulations!

What now?

* Hire a private nutrition coach ($4,000+)

* Work with a dietitian who will create a food plan for you to follow without diving into the root cause of the addiction ($3,000+) 

* Find a food addiction psychiatrist to work with and be left with zero support or guidance in between visits ($5,000+)


For a fraction of the cost, you could join an intimate community of women all going through the same journey right along with you while being guided by an expert in all things sugar addiction and emotional health! 

This program is literally EVERYTHING I do with my private clients over 4 months all condensed into 10 powerful weeks of accountability, guidance, support, and community! 










Time Saving Hacks Masterclass

($150 value)

The Stress Eating Solution 6-Week Program

($500 value)

10 Best 25-Minute Dinner Recipes

 ($50 value)

Personalized Gift in the mail 

(surprises are priceless!)

Break Free From Sugar

E-Cookbooks x 2 

($40 value)

Meet Erica…

 The program was amazing, and my mindset was able to shift over the course of the 8 weeks. I find myself now in control. I choose when I want sugar and what I want it to be, and continue to feel happy and enjoy life – not feeling like I am handcuffed to a way of eating.”

You probably have a few questions…

When does the program start?

The program starts the first week of September, 2020 and runs for 10 full weeks. In the weeks before we start, you will get everything you need to prepare for the program.

How do I register?

Click on one of the two options above to register with whichever payment works best for you. Don’t forget that there’s a 100% Money Back Guarantee, so it’s a risk-free purchase!

Do I have to give up sugar forever?

That’s completely up to you! Most people decide to build sugar back into their lives in moderation after the program. You will decide what you want your future relationship with sugar to look like. During the program, you will be required to give up sugar for 4 full weeks in order to regain control and break the addiction. After this time, it is up to you how and if you want to include it back into your life.

Will I lose weight?

Most participants lose weight after breaking free from sugar- although this isn’t the main focus of the program. The program is meant to help you regain control of your health, feel energized, put an end to the cravings and addiction, and learn to build healthier habits into your life for good. This program is NOT a fad diet or a quick fix. Your health takes time to heal and these 10 weeks will guide you down the right path to true health and happiness!

Can I eat fruit?

Yes & no. During different periods of the program, you will be asked to avoid certain fruits that are higher in sugar content until you’re ready to add them back in towards the end of the program. The focus will be on increasing your consumption of lower sugar fruits and berries. After your 4 weeks sugar-free, you will be allowed to eat all and any fruit you wish.

Do I have to stop eating carbohydrates?

No. We will focus on the elimination of added simple sugars in your diet throughout the program. Your body needs carbohydrates to operate and you will be encouraged to put the focus back on whole grains and healthy carbohydrates while eliminating quick, white, and simple carbs like white bread, pasta, and pastries. This is NOT a keto diet.

Can I drink coffee, black tea & alcohol?

You will be asked to eliminate and avoid these beverages to the best of your ability during this program. I understand how these substances are usually a separate addiction that may be scary for you to give up. That said, for optimal results and for your health, I will encourage you to eliminate or minimize these drinks as much as possible during the program but ultimately it’s going to be up to you.

What about chocolate?

I’m with you on this one! What is a life without chocolate?

For the 4 weeks that you will be going sugar-free, you will be asked to avoid any added sweeteners (including chocolate with added sugar). You will be welcome to continue eating any and all pure chocolate such as cacao nibs and 100% chocolate bars. I will be teaching you how to make your own chocolate during the program! Hate dark chocolate? Trust me on this one… your taste buds will completely change during this program. Be open-minded and watch as you start to LOVE dark chocolate!

What if I'm Vegan, Vegetarian, or Celiac?

Everybody is welcome here! Leave your “labels” at the door and come with me on a journey to get back in control of sugar and eating right! The meal plans focus on nutrient-rich, plant-based foods. Every recipe includes adaptations that include most types of diets, so that you can eat what is important to you. The focus here is on whole, real foods.

How hard is this really going to be?

I’m not going to lie to you (ever!), it may be tough at times. Sugar addiction is a deep-rooted addiction that is connected to many traditions, emotions, and people in our lives. It’s both a physical and mental addiction that takes time to work through. As for the physical detox, some people barely notice any symptoms or cravings during the detox phase, while others notice symptoms that may last a few days or weeks. I will prepare you well in advance for what to expect every step of the way.

How much time will I need each week?

Each week you will be given video lessons and workbooks for you to take action on the journey. These should take no more than 2 hours/week. You will also need to set aside time to grocery shop and cook meals at home. There will also be one 90-minute group coaching call each week.

What about exercise?

A very important part of any detox and healthy lifestyle is daily movement. During the program, you will be encouraged to stay active and keep your body moving to aid with the detox process. I don’t include any specific exercise advice or plans – this will be up to you to build into your day.

Still have questions? I’d love to hear from you!

Connect with me:

Who’s Dani?

As a Certified Holistic Nutrition Coach & Speaker, Dani helps women reshape their relationships with sugar once and for all! Being a sugar addict herself, she knows how difficult and lonely the journey can be on your own. That’s why she created the Break Free From Sugar Group Program to support women along the journey and to keep it fun!

She helps her clients rid themselves of sugar cravings, break through sugar addiction, and build lasting healthy habits in a realistic and practical way.

Dani knows exactly what it takes to navigate this confusing and toxic substance and exactly how life-changing finding sugar freedom can be! Let’s do this!