I love you!

I mean it. 

No matter how long we’ve been connected online, I want you to know this now more than ever.

We’re in very uncertain times.

And do you know what one of my biggest concerns is right now

I’m worried that all this social distancing will drive us further and further away from TWO vital nutrients we need as humans to live long and healthy lives.

Connection & Love.

Every year we’ve been starving more and more for these vital nutrients as our society pushes us into our cell phones and away from real relationships.

And I see it time and time again with my clients. The source of their unhealthy relationship with food almost ALWAYS stems from a place of lack of joy, connection, and love in their lives.

Now, more than ever we need to get creative if we want to continue to support our mental and physical health long into the future. 

So today I’m inspired to share with you a list of  33 things (this post was originally titled “25” things… but I just couldn’t stop there!) you can do EVEN while social distancing to stay connected, spread and feel love, and find joy every day.

  1. Practice gratitude daily. Start and end your day listing at least 5 very specific things that you are grateful for.
  2. Send a love note/text to at least one person everyday.
  3. Smile at as many people as possible when you’re out shopping.
  4. Tell 3 people every day that you love them.
  5. Write “You are loved” on your bathroom mirror.
  6. Ask a friend to join you for a hike in nature.
  7. Go for a hike alone in nature.
  8. Meditate daily.
  9. Do a yoga class online.
  10. Arrange a Zoom or Skype date with your best girlfriends at least weekly.
  11. Facetime/video call whenever you call someone so you can see their face.
  12. Tell those around you something that you’re excited about or grateful for everyday.
  13. Put on your favorite dance music and shake it!
  14. Pause, take 3 deep breaths, and then respond with ONLY love to any hateful or angry comment you may see online. Watch how the power of love heals.
  15. Turn OFF the news/tv in your home.
  16. Download a Facebook news feed eradicator to help filter out the negativity and fear from your life  (this is the one I use
  17. Ask yourself every morning “What can I do to bring joy into my life today?” AND “What can I do to spread love today?”
  18. Cook a new and fun recipe.
  19. Look up hilarious animal videos or memes.
  20. Give yourself permission to smile, laugh, and be happy even when the world seems so grey. 
  21. Journal it out.
  22. Continue to support local businesses by shopping online or getting take out at your favorite restaurant.
  23. Ask your friends, neighbours, or family if they need anything picked up next time you head out shopping.
  24. Play games with your kids. Laugh.
  25. Build a fort (with or without kids!).
  26. Start a private Facebook group for you and your closest friends or co-workers to communicate and connect daily in a virtual space.
  27. Arrange a Zoom/Skype cooking hang out with a friend or family member. Cook and chat/laugh together 🙂 
  28. Get your bare feet and/or hands in the Earth and take as many deep breaths as you need.
  29. Plant a garden.
  30. Get out in the sun. Let it in your eyes and feel it on your face. Breathe.
  31. Use this time to get your kitchen (or whole house) organized and cleaned!
  32. Share and gift things you may have around the house that others need. Be generous. 
  33. Give yourself permission to FEEL. This is the perfect time to practice sitting with those not so comfortable feelings and allowing yourself to process them without numbing out or turning to food.

And I hope it goes without saying, If you EVER need a shoulder to lean on or an ear to listen, I’m here for you

We’re going to get through this by supporting each other, spreading more love than fear, and supporting our own health in any way we can (did you read last week’s email all about immune system health?


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Love & Light,