Hey there,

To say this month has been a whirl wind is an understatement. 

I can’t believe it’s already the end of June and at the same time I’m SO ready to start a new month and put all the heaviness of June behind me.

As you may have already seen, I’ve just spent the weekend enjoying every moment of Mountain Spirit Festival at Sun Peaks Resort (I hope you join me next year!).

The whole experience was INCREDIBLE (another understatement).

And I’m sitting here struggling with what lesson to share with you today from the hundreds that hit me this weekend.

This weekend was HUGE for me on many levels.

After putting it out into the universe a few months back that I want to be a professional speaker, this weekend was my first chance to really step into this. Right from the moment the camera man “mic’d” me, I knew things were getting real!

I had the honour of not only holding space for 35 women in my powerful workshop, but I also stood up in front of over 100 people to deliver my 12 minute Soul Talk on Friday night

People kept asking me how I felt beforehand and I couldn’t put it into words.





I feel like a new word needed to be created to express how I felt (somewhere between nervous and excited). That feeling of knowing I was about to step up and make a HUGE impact in hundreds of lives. #nopressure

It was uncomfortable.

But that’s OK.

So here’s the message I want to share with you today…

It’s OK to feel uncomfortable.

Feeling uncomfortable is actually a great place to be. It usually means something big is happening. Something important. Stepping through your fear.

And the ONLY way you’re ever going to grow and be able to live the life of your dreams is by getting comfortable with feeling uncomfortable.

“Nothing great EVER came from comfort zones”

So, now it’s your turn.

What’s something you know you want but you’re letting fear and your comfort zone hold you back?

What small (or big) step will you take this week to push that fear aside and step into the uncomfortable?

The real truth is that the more you practice stepping into fear, the easier it gets. The more addicting it gets (an addiction I can get on bored with!).

And the happier you’ll be. The more your life will change.

So, whether it’s taking the first step to getting off sugar or stepping up to deliver your first big speech in front of audience, decide what it is that you really WANT in this life and GO GET IT GIRL!

Love & Light,